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Posted by BabyBrat
My husband wrote this blog...
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on Saturday, 09 July 2011
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To trust again..

Twelve years ago I was vibrant, beautiful, full of life and a social butterfly.  I was able to get along with just about everyone.  I don’t know if it’s that saying the older the wiser  is having that effect on me or if it’s because I have a hard time trusting people like I did before that is making me not want to socialize anymore.  I don’t hang out with friends, I don’t have lunch with friends and I’m starting to miss it so much.  I wish I could take my kids out on play dates and chit chat with the other moms and gossip about what celeb is hot or not, if that is what they do.  Nope, I just stay home and hide from everyone.  I feel so lonely and isolated and yet I am so scarred to get out and do things with others.  I don’t know how to socialize anymore.  I’m afraid I might say something that will offend them or scare them off. 

The only other people I try to socialize with are my in-laws.  Sometimes I wish my family lived close by but then again I am glad they don’t.  I really dislike this feeling. 

One of my goals once I start my therapy is to learn how to trust so I am able to socialize again.  I would like to make some friends who would like to go out for lunch once in a while and talk about everything and anything that is going on in the world. A person who can accept me for me.


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I don't remember being so worried when my Mom's mom passed away but ever since m
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Snoopyvet Saturday, 09 July 2011

I wish I lived closer cause I would come take you out for coffee than we can work our way up to lunch. Don't beat yourself. Just by trying you are moving ahead. Oh small step at a time is better than no steps at all. We are hear for you to listen and cheer you on.

Big Mama
Big Mama
Things are becoming clear. God has blessed me with peace. I will sleep well toni
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Big Mama Monday, 11 July 2011

I do live close to you and would love to meet for coffee or lunch or maybe a walk in the park. God knows I need to walk. I can feel the pain that you communicate. I can feel your isolation. As was mentioned above you are not alone. We, your sisters, are here for you. Keep your chin up.

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